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  Taiwan Ascii and Idl_save Data Archives (AIDA) for THEMIS  

        Taiwan Ascii and Idl_save Data Archives (AIDA) is developed for those who do not have the Interactive Data Language (IDL) data analysis and visualization software (for ASCII format) or those who know some basic IDL concepts and techniques and want more flexibilities in reading and plotting the THEMIS data (for IDL SAVE format).


        The ASCII and SAVE files are converted using the original CDF files obtained from the web page of Space Science Laboratory, University of California, Berkeley. The rules of the road for data use can also be found there.


       Taiwan AIDA, created and maintained by the Taiwan THEMIS space research team in Institute of Space Science, National Central University, is financially supported by National Space Organization, Taiwan under grant 95-NSPO(B)-SP-FA07-01, and Ministry of Education under the Aim for Top University program at NCU. We acknowledge NASA contract NAS5-02099 and V. Angelopoulos for use of data from THEMIS mission.


       After you download THEMIS data from this web site, the use of the data through Taiwan AIDA should be acknowledged in any publications. For example, We acknowledge NASA contract NAS5-02099 and V. Angelopoulos for the use of data from the THEMIS Mission through AIDA at Institute of Space Science, National Central University in Taiwan.

  Data Services (Data_Description)  
  ASCII files Download  
  IDL SAVE files Download  
  Appilication: IDL SAVE files (Tutorial)  
  1. Download IDL SAVE files.  

2. Use the restore command to read an IDL SAVE file under the environment of IDL. Use the help command to display the contents of the IDL SAVE file.

  IDL> filename = 'tha_fgm_fgs_gsm_20070701.save'
  IDL> restore, filename
  IDL> help
  BX_GSM FLOAT Array[28719]
  BY_GSM FLOAT Array[28719]
  BZ_GSM FLOAT Array[28719]
  FILENAME STRING 'tha_fgs_gsm_20070701.save'
  HOUR BYTE Array[28719]
  MINUTE BYTE Array[28719]
  SECOND FLOAT Array[28719]
  YEAR INT 2007
  Compiled Procedures:
  Compiled Functions:
  3. Download data_plot.pro.  
  4.Use data_plot.pro make a plot for THEMIS data.  
    DATA_PLOT, filename, variable, time_range, data_title, xticks
  filename = the filename of an IDL SAVE file    
  variable = a variable in the IDL SAVE file    
  time_range = time range, format: 'start_time-end_time', 'hh:mm:ss-hh:mm:ss'
  data_title = the title of the variable, format: 'data_title'
  xticks = the number of intervals in time axis    
  IDL> data_plot, filename, bz_gsm, '02:00:00-04:00:00', 'Bz (GSM)', 4  
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