TAIWAN THEMIS - Subproject 3
Principal Investigator :
Institute of Space Science, NCU
  Theoretical and Simulation Study of Multiple-Scale Nonlinear Process During the Growth Phase, Onset, and Expansion Phase of Magnetospheric Substorms  

        We propose to study the nonlinear processes, which trigger the onset of substroms, by means of our multi-scale low-noise numerical simulation schemes and the multi-satellite and ground observations provided by the THEMIS project. The nonlinear processes that govern the growth phase, expansion phase, and the recovery phase will also be studied. Different simulation models will be constructed to accommodate different theoretical models and the Earth magnetospheric environment. Our goal is to verify and to improve these theoretical models as well as to improve our understanding of the nonlinear coupling processes in the solar wind- magnetosphere-ionosphere system.

°’Subproject 2